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"Close the eyes and transcend, open the eyes and read the Vedic Literature in Sanskrit." — Maharishi Mahesh Yogi


Shiksha is one of the structuring dynamics of Rk Veda. It highlights the quality of EXPRESSION involved in structuring Rk Veda. With reference to consciousness, Shiksha comprises the specific sets of laws of Nature that are engaged in promoting the quality of Rishi — the observer, the witnessing quality — within the Samhita level of consciousness, providing a structure to the eternally silent, self-referral, self-sufficient, fully awake state of consciousness, which is intimately personal to everyone.(complete table of qualities)

In the physiology, Shiksha is represented by the structures which compute and express the internal aspects of the physiology, such as its biochemical constituents, temperature, pressure, etc. (the expressions of the autonomic nervous system).These expressions are channeled via the autonomic ganglia. These are 36 on each side of the spinal cord, corresponding to the 36 books of Shiksha.

— Prof. Tony Nader-Ram
in Human Physiology:

Expression of Veda and the
Vedic Literature,
pp. 80-81

There are approximately 72 Śikṣā texts and 72 Upaśikṣā texts. These comprise the Vedāṅga Śikṣā. There are Śikṣā and Upaśikṣā texts belonging to each of the Vedas, Ṛk Veda, Śukla Yajur Veda, Kṛṣṇa Yajur Veda, Sāma Veda and Atharva Veda, and there are general Śikṣā texts which apply to all the Vedas.

Śhikṣhā html-text and pdf files

    Ṛk Veda Śikṣā

  1. Madhusūdanī Śikṣā (PDF)
  2. Vyāla Śhikṣhā (PDF)
  3. Vyāli Śikṣā (PDF)
  4. Śhaiśhirīya Śhikṣhā (PDF)
  5. Śhaunaka Śhikṣhā (PDF)
  6. Hayagrīvī Śhikṣhā (PDF)
  7. Śhamāna Śhikṣhā (PDF)
  8. Svaravyañjana Śhikṣhā (PDF)
  9. Svarāṅkuśha Śhikṣhā (PDF)

  10. Śukla Yajur Veda Śikṣā

  11. Amareśa Śhikṣhā (PDF)
  12. Amoghānandinī Śhikṣhā (PDF)
  13. Laghvamoghānandinī Śhikṣhā (PDF)
  14. Avasānanirṇaya Śhikṣhā (PDF)
  15. Galadṛik Śhikṣhā (PDF)
  16. Kānva Śikṣā (PDF)
  17. Kātyāyana Śhikṣhā) (PDF)
  18. Kātyāyanī Śhikṣhā (PDF)
  19. Keśhavīya Śhikṣhā (PDF)
  20. Keśhavī_padyātmikā Śhikṣhā (PDF)
  21. Kauśhikī Śhikṣhā (PDF)
  22. Kramasaṁdhāna Śhikṣhā (PDF)
  23. Mādhyandinīya Śhikṣhā (PDF)
  24. Laghumādhyandinīya Śhikṣhā (PDF)
  25. Pārāsharīya Śhikṣhā (PDF)
  26. Prātiśhākhyapradīpa Śhikṣhā (PDF)
  27. Manaḥsvāra Śhikṣhā (PDF)
  28. Mallaśarma Śikṣā (PDF)
  29. Māṇḍavya Śhikṣhā (PDF)
  30. Yajurvidhāna Śhikṣhā (PDF)
  31. Yājñavalkya Śhikṣhā (PDF)
  32. Vāsiṣhṭhī Śhikṣhā (PDF)
  33. Vedaparibhāṣāsūtra Śhikṣhā (PDF)
  34. Vedaparibhāṣhākārikā Śhikṣhā (PDF)
  35. Ṣhodaśhaśhlokī Śhikṣhā (PDF)
  36. Svarabhaktilakṣhaṇapariśhiṣhṭa Śhikṣhā (PDF)
  37. Svarāṣhṭaka Śhikṣhā (PDF)

  38. Kṛṣṇa Yajur Veda Śikṣā

  39. Ātreya Śhikṣhā (Hamburg) (PDF)
  40. Ātreya Śhikṣhā (Chandigarh) (PDF)
  41. Ātreya Śhikṣhā (Madras) (PDF)
  42. Āpiśhali Śhikṣhā (PDF)
  43. Āraṇya Śikṣā (PDF)
  44. Kālanirṇaya Śhikṣhā (PDF)
  45. Kauṇḍinya Śhikṣhā (Hyderabad) (PDF)
  46. Kauṇḍinya Śhikṣhā (Mysore) (PDF)
  47. Kauhalīya Śhikṣhā (PDF)
  48. Cārāyaṇīya Śhikṣhā (PDF)
  49. Bhāradvāja Śhikṣhā (PDF)
  50. Pāri Śhikṣhā (PDF)
  51. Pluta Śhikṣhā (PDF)
  52. Lakṣhmīkānta Śhikṣhā (PDF)
  53. Lakṣhmīkānta Śhikṣhā (2) (PDF)
  54. Laugākṣhi Śhikṣhā (PDF)
  55. Vararuchi Śhikṣhā (PDF)
  56. Vāsiṣhṭha Śhikṣhā (Tirupati) (PDF)
  57. Vāsiṣhṭha Śhikṣhā (PDF)
  58. Veda Śhikṣhā (PDF)
  59. Vyāsa Śhikṣhā (PDF)
  60. Śhambhu Śhikṣhā (PDF)
  61. Śikṣāsamuccaya (PDF)
  62. Śyāmāyanīyā Śikṣā (PDF)
  63. Sarvasaṁmata Śhikṣhā (PDF)
  64. Siddhānta Śhikṣhā (PDF)
  65. Svara Śhikṣhā (PDF)
  66. Svarasārabhūtavarṇakrama Śikṣā (PDF)

  67. Sāma Veda Śikṣā

  68. Nāradīyā Śhikṣhā (PDF)
  69. Lomaśhīyā Śhikṣhā (PDF)
  70. Gautamīya Śhikṣhā (PDF)

  71. Atharva Veda Śikṣā

  72. Māṇḍūkī Śhikṣhā (PDF)

  73. General Śikṣā

  74. Pāṇinīya Śhikṣhā (PDF)
  75. Varṇa Śhikṣhā (PDF)

    Ṛk Veda Upaśikṣā

  1. Athakāri Lakṣaṇam (PDF)
  2. Ṛgvarṇakramalakṣaṇa (PDF)
  3. Bonda Lakṣaṇam (PDF)
  4. Akhaṇḍa Mañjarī (Aniṅgya Lakṣaṇam) of Śeṣa Nārāyaṇa (PDF)
  5. Ṛgvilaṅghya of Nāgadeva (PDF)
  6. Avarṇi-Dīpa of Dakṣiṇāmūrti of Śrivatsagotra (PDF)
  7. Āvarṇi Prakaraṇam (PDF)
  8. Natānta-Padāni of Śeṣa Nārāyaṇa (PDF)
  9. Tapara Prakaraṇam of Śeṣa Nārāyaṇa (PDF)
  10. Svarāṣṭaka (PDF)
  11. Jaṭā Paṭala Kārikā (PDF)

  12. Śukla Yajur Veda Upaśikṣā

  13. Padakārikāratnamālā (PDF)
  14. Padachandrikā (PDF)
  15. Pratijñā Sūtram (PDF)
  16. Visargāṅgulipradarśhanaprakāraḥ (PDF)

  17. Kṛṣṇa Yajur Veda Upaśikṣā

  18. Śamāna
  19. Vilaṅghya
  20. Napara
  21. Tapara
  22. Avarṇi
  23. Āvarṇi
  24. Aniṅgya
  25. Aniṅgya Śataka (PDF)
  26. Antanirdeśa (PDF)
  27. Aruṇaśamānam (PDF)
  28. Ardhāntyam (PDF)
  29. Iṅgya Ratnam (PDF)
  30. Uccodarki (PDF)
  31. Kampa Sūtra (PDF)
  32. Jaṭāmaṇi (PDF)
  33. Jaṭāvallī (PDF)
  34. Jaṭā Siddhānta Candrikā (PDF)
  35. Trikrama Lakṣaṇam (PDF)
  36. Dvitva Lakṣhaṇam (PDF)
  37. Nāradabaiṭh (PDF)
  38. Nāradabhaiṭh Vyākhyā (PDF)
  39. Praṇava Vicāra (PDF)
  40. Yaṇādeśadīrghiniṣedhaḥ (PDF)
  41. Yamāpatti (PDF)
  42. Yohiprāpti Śhikṣhā (PDF)
  43. Yohi Bhāṣya of Sūribhaṭṭa (PDF)
  44. Rāvaṇabaiṭh (PDF)
  45. Rāvaṇabaiṭh Paribhāṣā (PDF)
  46. Varṇakramalakṣaṇa (PDF)
  47. Vaidyanātha Baiṭh (PDF)
  48. Śākhāśamānam (PDF)
  49. Ṣaḍviṁśati sūtra (PDF)
  50. Svara Pañchāśat (PDF)
  51. Svarasamparki Savyākhyāna (PDF)
  52. Svarāvadhānalakṣaṇa (PDF)

  53. Sāma Veda Upaśikṣā

  54. Chandogaṛksvara Lakṣaṇam (PDF)
  55. Stobhapada Lakṣaṇam (PDF)
  56. Śamāna
  57. Visargalopa
  58. Raṅga
  59. Vilaṅghya
  60. Napara
  61. Tapara
  62. Avarṇi
  63. Anavagraha
  64. Sāmalakṣaṇa Dīpika (PDF)

  65. Atharva Veda Upaśikṣā

  66. Atharvavediya Dantyoṣhṭavidhi (PDF)

  67. General Upaśikṣā

  68. Aniṅgya Grantha (PDF)
  69. Jaṭā Lakṣaṇam (PDF)
  70. Jaṭāvali (PDF)
  71. Tṛtīya Saṁgraha (PDF)
  72. Piṇḍalakṣaṇam (PDF)
  73. Visarjanīya Lakṣaṇam (PDF)
  74. Vyakti Lakṣaṇam (PDF)
  75. Vṛthāvyakti (PDF)
  76. Svarabhaktiviṣaya Lakṣaṇam (PDF)
  77. Hrasva Saṁgraha (PDF)
  78. Varṇakrama Darpaṇa (PDF)
  79. Praṇava Lakṣaṇam (PDF)